Denver FAQ

What is the weather like?

Denver weather greatly varies by season. In winter, the average daily high temperature is 45° F. Bring a coat and dress in layers because it does get below freezing overnight. Snow can get heavy but tends not to stick around long. Expect sunshine year-round.

It gets hot during the summer, especially during July. The average daily high is 89° F, but it sometimes gets above 100°. My favorite things to do when it gets hot in Denver are cooling off in a body of water or heading to the mountains. Temps will feel AMAZING there.

Fall in the Mile High City is excellent. It’s nice and cool, so bring a sweater and a light jacket. You might also need a heavier coat since temperatures can dip below freezing, especially at night. The foliage begins to change color, and sipping coffee at a bookstore is a perfect pastime.

During Spring, expect a blend of snow, rain, and sunshine. Temperatures are typically pleasant. Plan to dress in layers because the close sun gets hot during the day but cools off significantly after sunset.

Colorado stays dry year-round. Bring plenty of moisturizer and drink lots of water.

What is Denver’s elevation?

Denver’s elevation is 5,280 feet, which is one mile high. This is where Denver get’s the nickname “Mile High City”.

Is Denver in Mountain Time?

Yes. Denver, along with all of Colorado, is in Mountain Standard Time.

Where is Denver located?

Denver is located east of Colorado’s front range. Although it’s not technically in the mountains, it’s only 10–15 miles from the foothills and has a beautiful front-range view.

What months does Denver get the most snow?

Surprisingly, Spring is the snowiest season in Colorado. Denver typically gets the most snow in March, with an average of 11.3 inches. Denver typically gets snow between late October and April, sometimes into May. Although the snow may get heavy, it typically doesn’t last long.

Is there public transport from the airport to downtown?

Yes! The RTD’s A Line travels between the airport and Union Station in downtown. As of writing this, the fare is only $10.50 (please double-check before to ensure prices haven’t changed!).

The train station is right below the Westin Denver International Airport Hotel. After you exit the main building across from the TSA checkpoint facing the hotel, you’ll go down the escalators. You’ll see the train station immediately after you get down.

Visit the official Denver Airport page for more information.