Hiking F.A.Q.

How do I find the best hiking trails near me?

AllTrails is my favorite app for finding and navigating hikes. It has many great features, like searching and filtering nearby trails. The premium version of the app allows you to download trail maps to use offline. This can be very helpful while navigating the backcountry, which has little to no cellular service.

Scrambling on a hike is where you must use your hands to navigate up rocks and boulders. It’s not rock climbing per se since you don’t need technical gear or to pull yourself up with your arms. However, you will need to hold on to the rocks and boulders to keep your balance. Think of it as a middle ground between hiking and rock climbing.

What is a Colorado 14er, and how many are there?

A 14er is a mountain with a peak above 14,000 feet. Colorado has 58 peaks above 14k feet, with 53 mountains considered 14ers. This is because five of the peaks are too close to other 14ers to count as a separate one. There must be 300 ft of elevation gain while crossing the saddle between the peaks for them to be considered two different 14ers.

Switchbacks are steep sections of a trail or road that frequently and sharply cut back and forth. They’re used to ease the steepness of a trail with a fast and high elevation gain. Although they’re made to make trails less intense, switchbacks can still be challenging.